Hi there! Are you looking for a Corse Wedding Photographer? Then it’s a true pleasure to see you here,  as I made this page especially for YOU.

 I’m Francesco – Fra if you prefer using my favourite confidential nickname – a destination wedding photographer that loves going places he has never seen before. I’m based in Italy, but am available (and happy!) to travel anywhere there are stories to tell and candid emotions to capture.

There are loads of reasons you may be looking get married in Corse. An enchanting atmosphere, warm and bright colours, a thousand years of history and ageless beauty untouched by time. Whatever the reason, I’d love to be your wedding photographer on that amazing Island. Take a moment and look through my portfolio and you will see my own love of travel, meeting different cultures and shooting in new places. Want to know me better? Check my About Me page first, then you might want to take a look at what my customers wrote about having me around.

As a photographer, I prefer to create visual stories rather than good individual photos, focusing on connections and in-between moments. I have a friendly and relaxed approach that helps break the ice quickly. This allows me to shoot your raw emotion in in a candid and unobtrusive way adding my modern, minimal and creative touch. My photographs come from my life experience and they’re connected to the way I see light shaping things. If this is something that makes sense to you, please have a look at my gallerand blog.  Then – if you truly feel that my style and my way of being are the missing pieces of your puzzle – let’s connect! Just fill in the form below and I’ll get back to you asap. I’ll be stoked and honoured to be your wedding photographer in Corse, creating, TOGETHER,  something timeless and unforgettable; a visual inheritance that will tell the photographic tale of your Wedding in Corse, immortalizing those moments in the years to come.

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