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Destination Italian Wedding Photographer in Tuscany Florence | Francesco Spighi portrait

I do believe that a photojournalistic style could the best way to tell the story of your wedding day. That is: photos taken without intervening on the normal flow of events, without interrupting, without posing of any kind. Genuine emotions. Honest moments.

That being said, I have my own approach to “photojournalistic wedding photography.” I don’t want to be seen as a reporter; I don’t want to show up at your Big Day as a cold and distant statue, getting in people’s faces and yet expecting them to “be natural.” No. – I rather show up like a friend. If you let me, I’ll immerse myself in your day and put people at ease. I’m aware that the extent to which you can feel “yourself” around me, is the extent to which I can capture YOU (your special way of being and honest expressions) and your guests.

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A romantic collection of in-between moments that will became the visual inherit of your beautiful day. 


What I’m saying is: Be natural. Go about your day allowing me to join you and amazing photo opportunities will happen – and I’ll be there to capture them. Trust in me, while being totally yourself, and I will do the same; this is my goal.

If you let me become your friend and you view me like a mate, all your guests will do the same and I’ll be able to give you paper memories of genuine moments and the honest emotions expressed throughout your big day. I’ll be focused on creating a timeless story with my pictures; and more will be vibes you will share with me, more will be the emotions you can relive through a visual inherits in the years to come.


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I’m a proud member of the following International Photography Associations:

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