The photos you’re going to see are from the first wedding I booked for the current season. Isi and Andy are from Germany; we had an easy, informal communication from the very first moment. Consequently this ease is reflected in their wedding, a relaxed Countryside Wedding in Tuscan Castle. Also, “Castello di Santa Maria Novella” – the venue where this wedding took place –  has a scenic view that overlooks the Italian countryside.

If you’re asking yourself what a “no-stress” wedding day could be like, I think you must see this one. No pressure, no rush, an overall relaxed mood that dominated the day; all guests seemed to feel really comfortable and this reflected in the photos I took. Also the weather, with some rain and a really cold evening, didn’t break this atmosphere. And if you need confirmation of that, have you ever seen bride, groom and guests having some rest by the pool on a wedding day? This atmosphere and attitude certainly makes my work easier, because I could definitely feel really comfortable with the whole group, moving trough people as one of them. As a result, a few hours ago when I saw how well the final work came out, I decided to do an experiment, while posting it.

Each of us – by “us i mean “us  photographers”-  has a favorite lens. Somebody prefers zooms, some others prefer to use prime lenses. But I think all of us has a favorite focal length. A standard favorites include 35mm, 50mm or 85mm. I’m using the Nikon 28 f1,8mm AFS from the beginning, but in the past months I’ve started using it more and more; until the past wedding,  where I used it for more than 80% of my work. Consequently a question has grown in my mind: is it possible to tell a full wedding story with just this lens? If you’re curious about the answer just scroll down, and let me know your thoughts about it!

My personal conclusion? Definitely a HUGE “YES we can“!

Photography: Francesco Spighi | Wedding Venue and Catering: Castello di Santa Maria Novella   | Wedding Dress: Rue de Seine | Groom Attire:  Monokel – Berlin | Bride Shoes: Pura Lòpez  | Groom Shoes: Crockett&Jones | Floral Design: Groom+Bride families and friends

Relaxed Countryside Wedding in Tuscan Castle photos by Francesco Spighi