Some days ago I had the opportunity to shoot a wedding in New York City. While there I spent a lot of time walking in the downtown of Brooklyn and Manhattan enjoying the great light we found in the past week. I’m not a street photographer, of course. But it’s nice sometimes to challenge me in something that’s totally different. So in those days we were there I decide to have some session of Street Photography in New York City. Usually when I go out walking I like to be fast and light so I avoid to bring with me my Nikon professional cameras, and I prefer to grab from the bag the super-small-but-great Panasonic Lumix LX100. This is a superb compact camera that permits you great creative capabilities (if you want to know more about this camera give a look to my review and field test  here!). What you’re going to see is just my vision of New York.  To be a wedding photographer often means to try to convert emotions and feelings in images. So, the impressions I got from New York city are that it’s big, chaotic, colorful and full of contrast. And when I speak about contrast I’m not referring just to the colors aspect; I mean, there are a lot of conflicts in this city. Rich people walk close to poor one seemingly without having perception about the differences. There are some places super-full of life (Times Square is the most well-fitting example), and other places like Coney Island almost desert and melancholic in this season. But what drove me totally crazy was the light. Not just the sunlight, I’m speaking about the tons of reflections coming from the skyscrapers glasses, that can create unimaginable light effect. So, it was a funny creative exercise to shoot there trying to get my personal vision of this incredible city. Wait for me NYC, our love is just at the beginning!

Street Photography in New York City by Francesco Spighi