Wedding Album Paper Types

Detailed Comparison of all Paper Types in my Wedding Photo-Albums


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QT Albums (my albums supplier) offers a variety of wedding album paper types, depending on the product you’ll choose to give life to your photographic memories. Working together with them on one of my albums, we agreed that it would be nice to make a clever comparison of all these papers, to try to showcase our clients the differences they can find choosing one product rather than the other. it was a really nice idea also because of the fact I never put side by side the various paper types they’re offering on their wedding albums, with the same image.

We used two photos for each paper type (one in colors and one in black and white): then I took two shots of each printed photo: a slanted and a flat one. Also, alongside the name of the paper type you can read the name of the album where it’s used (please refer to my  Album page or to QtAlbums product page for more details and information about the different wedding albums). For each view, there’s a crop that permits you to better judge the paper pattern and finish. All the pictures have been taken with the same light, white balance, and exposition. This means that the slight discrepancies between different paper types you can observe depend on how each paper renders color and tones. I left a visible portion of the background because I wanted to give you a reference and explicitly show you that the wood plane has always the same color and exposition.

Feel free to use comments for any question or doubt!

Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper – BloomBook


Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper Type DPII LUSTRE – Ariabook


Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper Type DPII SILK – ARIABOOKk


Fujicolor Digital Satin Paper – Heirloom Bookk


Fujicolor Digital Silk Paper – Primaook


Fine art Matte Paper – Artbook


Fine art matte cotton rag Paper – Artbook / Journal Artbook