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For those of you who landed here by chance, I’m Francesco, a Florence Engagement Photographer based in Tuscany who works throughout Italy and sometimes abroad. Of course, I’m a wedding photographer, too, but as I grew up and actually live in Florence, shooting engagements and, in general, couple sessions in my city became a consistent part of my work. 

So, welcome to this part of my blog. This page gathers all the Engagement Photography sessions I’ve published here on my website.  These are a bunch of the engagements and a couple’s sessions I shot and that have been published on my blog. For more additional sneak peeks, please visit the portfolio page and explore the “Engagements”  category. 

As you are maybe evaluating to hire me to collect some one-of-a-kind memories, I want to share something about who I am as a person. I’m passionate about meeting new people and capturing their love in a creative, limitless, and not boring way. My approach is laid-back and relaxed, and my main goal is to help you shine as your authentic self. I understand that facing a camera can be kind of scary. Still, I’m confident in my ability to break the ice and make it enjoyable and creative (so you don’t look stiff or fake), avoiding generic, uninspired poses. Instead, I aim to capture your genuine emotions and deepest feelings. I always have a blast with my clients, and I guarantee our photo shoot will be EFFORTLESS and FUN. You can trust me to make the process as easy as walking and holding hands at sunset, making you forget about taking photos and even my presence at times.

If you read until here and are now curious to see what we can do together in a couple of hours or so, have a look at the galleries below.

Love, Fra

All the posts listed below are created by Florence Engagement Photographer Francesco Spighi


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