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So, here we are, welcome in my virtual space. I’m Francesco – Fra, if you prefer to make things simpler – and I hope you’ll have some good time here. 

Me, in a nutshell? I love my family, and nature, getting lost somewhere with just a backpack. I’m kind. I get crazy about gelato and pizza, so badly that I could survive with just these (if that would only be possible). I am a friend. I like everything with an engine and at least two wheels (sorry, not so planet-friendly, I know). I’m addicted to skiing, and in the wintertime, I spend on the slopes as much time as I can. I’m easy to have around (they say…). I’m a creative. I’m a simplicity and vintage lover. I grew up in the ’80s and I’m always aiming for that vibe.

But let me dig deeper to tell you something more about myself. To do this, I want to start with my dreams. In general, I had three when I was younger:

To find Somebody with Whom to Share my Emotions, my Time and my Fears

To Become a Father

To Enjoy my Work and my Life

I reckon I am a lucky man because all of these dreams come true. I have a wife that loves me and who I love. She is my best friend also, and the first voice I need to hear when I need to hear a voice. Together, we have two small, little heroes that are fueling our days with a roller coaster of emotions and tons of smiles. I love to learn from the honest and unbiased way they see the world – all those little things that adults usually overlook.
Before encountering photography, I’ve worked as a project manager in big companies for 10 years, but it wasn’t the kind of life (and job) I imagined for me when younger. I discovered photography by chance – the unexpected that occurs to you when you need it the most. At that time, I didn’t know what I was heading into, but I did it with any regrets, full-throttle up. It feeds & fits me, completes me, makes me feel inspired, and keep my soul perceptive and creative.


I’m in love with people in love. Choosing me, you’ll hire the husband, the daydreamer, the friend, the enthusiast, the simplicity-fan. The easy-going guy that will enjoy your wedding with you, the moments we get to create, and the good times doing it

(they say!)

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beach session


el matador beach
My love session in Malibu with my wife (Gina & Ryan, two awesome photographers from LA, shot these pictures for us)
On the road


Some great memories from our trip in California, this time from my camera. Have fun going a bit deeper in my life


Mutual ExperienceAll begins here. Portray somebody means relating to this human being somewhere halfway. It’s an effort we do – together – to forge a connection. I aim to share something. Reaching people in an unknown space where both the parts initially appear a bit awkward and stiff. Joining others’ life for a few to seek those tiny, naive gestures that mean a lot to them. Slightly beneath the surface. I’m not crowding my schedule with numbers but my life with incredible people, striving to have a good time while doing it. It’s not because I love photography in itself that I’m tied to this job, but mostly because of the experiences it permits us to make. Occasions this unique deserve a tailored experience that matches your vibe, and this is my TOP PRIORITY.

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Many people undervalue the influence photographers have on their wedding day. It’s not entirely about the photographs they take. It’s more about the connection, how your photographer makes you feel. More beautiful than you have ever felt. The energy, the self-confidence; all of us give you an experience. You must choose the right one. In a certain way, if you want your photographer to disappear from your day, he must become part of the crew. Of course, I’m not stating you must consider your photographer as one of your guests (at least I know I’m there with a precise role). But, somehow, this should come as a natural action for you. If you wish your images speak about you, you must find somebody with whom the bond goes beyond a paper agreement. You should start searching for this “feeling” while browsing the photos you see on our websites: a kind of thrill… goosebumps… excitement… connection…maybe a tear. Everything starts here, on these pages, and continues with the first email, later the first video chat. It is a long and hidden wire that begins when you feel the first sparkle brightens your eyes and ends at your third cocktail after the First Dance. Connected by this wire, and sharing the same excitement, we’ll work together to put on pictures your real nature. The emotions you’ll share on your Big Day are going to create your lifetime paper time-capsule.

With more than 200 weddings under my belt, I’d say the way I research your authentic vibe, and the excitement I feel doing this in every single event I take part are the most significant contribution I bring to your day and to the photos you’ll get. The unique way I see light shaping your relation.

Photography has become a kind of lifestyle that I live and breathe. Perhaps it’s a mixture of passion and obsession. There is an insistent desire in me to explore connections between people with camera in hand. Trying to capture a fleeting moment that encloses the soul of those folks. Photography changed my perception of the world. My eyes are continuously drawn to the ever changing light and to interaction it has with people moving in the space it wraps. My perspective is now composed of layers and dimensions and my experiences continue to shape the way I see things and – at the end – my life. (words inspired by the awesome adventure photographer Krystle Wright).

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You’re romantic, you put personality over traditions, you’re creative and a little bit stylish, and – of course – you’re totally in love. If photography is important for you, if you feel like my point of view is close to your one, I could be the right person.  These photographs will be the lasting memory of one the most exciting days of your life and, in the coming years, you will share them with your friend, family…and grand-kids. Look around, explore the net and make sure to find a photographer you feel an affinity with, who has a style that you love and don’t be satisfied with anything less. After this, if you come back here confident I could be your guy,  drop me a line!