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Elope in Italy | Authentic, personal, timeless photography

Each single love story is extraordinary, so your elopement photography should be. 

If you’re thinking about eloping in Italy, it’s essential to understand what elopement means in today’s world. An elopement is no longer just a secret marriage. It has evolved into a small, private, and authentic micro-wedding that focuses on the experience and emotions of the day, having the opportunity to create a unique adventure that focuses mainly on the couple’s values celebration, with no traditional rules to follow. We all know that planning a wedding can be overwhelming, but – I learned from clients who chose this stress-free option – you can have such a magical, intimate, and memorable day with an elopement. On top of this, eloping means not worrying about meeting others’ expectations but focusing on making your day fun, authentic, and true to you. 

Being alone is even more crucial to finding a photographer whose work resonates with your personality, mainly for two reasons. 

There will not be the usual smartphone coverage you might have experienced at every wedding, meaning no candid photos will be taken on the day. Second and most importantly, your photographer must blend in the day seamlessly, without being intrusive or demanding, allowing you to feel comfortable and natural in your photos. Here comes my advice: glimpsing at photographers’ websites, you should desire to be in the photographs you see and feel like you are there while peeking at them, not just in those WOW epic portraits but also in all of those small, unplanned moments of joy and love that might look easy at the very first sight but have inside layers of untold emotions.

Whatever you picture your ideal elopement, if you feel that my idea of photography matches your vision, I’m here to provide unlimited support and tips to capture it beautifully. 

If you’d like to choose me as your elopement photographer in Italy, there is something more you should know about the kind of human being I am: I love to meet people wherever they want to have me framing their love. Love and creativity have no boundaries. I have a relaxed and laid-back approach, and my first goal is to help you be yourself (that’s never easy the first time it happens to you to face a camera), avoiding those mainstream poses that speak more about a commercial Instagram feed than about you, while searching for your deepest emotions. I usually have a good time with my clients, and I swear it will be totally EFFORTLESS, as easy as walking hand in hand in the sunset, making you forget what posing means, and sometimes even that I’m there with you. 

If you want to see what we can do together in a few hours, you can explore the post listed below. These are just a few of the destination elopements I photographed all around Italy; for more sneak peeks, please visit the portfolio page and choose the “elopement” category. 

Love, Fra

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