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Handmade Fine Art Wedding PHOTO Albums

So, you just got the link to your stunning online gallery where – accurately selected and finely edited – hundreds of photos from your gorgeous wedding are beautifully displayed on all your devices’ screens. Of course, you can safely store them there forever. But what’s now? Just that? Talking for myself, I believe this is not the proper way to have your memories preserved.

Here you can see my own handmade fine art wedding album, that will turn 12 this year.

italian handmade wedding album

From the bottom of my earth, I beg you: print your wedding photos. If actually having just a digital version of your wedding pictures seems to be the best solution (at least the most versatile), we – as human beings – naturally want to hold in our hands the things that matter the most to us. Because I care a lot about printing your photos and tangibly preserving your memories, I make the process to get quality prints effortless and straightforward. Your online gallery is connected to a personal print store where you can order a vast choice of professional quality prints and albums. All of this at a reasonable price and without any compromise on the final quality.

Otherwise – if you are busy with your daily tasks or you just don’t want to spend some more time in front of your laptop –  for your wedding albums, I offer a full design service with some exclusive features. You can choose from three beautiful, handcrafted different types of books that will serve as your FOREVER KEEPSAKE. I’ve uniquely selected this supplier basing on the remarkable attention to detail and the timeless poetic feel – symmetrically balancing the way I view your wedding – and their capability to put on paper all the care I commit to the images’ overall colors and tones. QT Albums is also the supplier of all the album and fine art prints you can buy in the shop connected to all the clients’ galleries.




In the ArtBook Wedding albums, the matte Cotton Rag Paper is chosen to produce high-quality fine art prints. The slightly textured surface of the paper in this handmade fine art wedding album presents a rough, materic feel, giving your photos deep blacks as well as an impressive pictorial depth, with a defined, tridimensional final effect. This 100% archival acid-free paper is rated not to fade in 100+ years and does not have any optical brighteners. All Art Books are lay-flat albums that usually come with a linen cover. All the albums are paired with a protective box that matches the cover color and fabric.



AriaBooks are modern, lay-flat flush mount albums printed on Fuji DPII photographic paper. If you think a fine-art album is too much for your style, maybe this gorgeous photo-printed album – available in a unique range of coverings and page thickness – could be the best fit. This silver halide color paper from Fujifilm (that I prefer in the silk finishing you will see below) is a darkroom developed photo lab paper, specially designed for professional use, with beautiful color depth and durable, fingerprint-resistant finish. It offers the widest color gamut, maximum density for deep blacks, and incredible color saturation.
You have not to consider an album as something that must be specifically made for a wedding. This particular one is my wedding anniversary photo album. As the ArtBook, they come with their own protective box matching the cover colors and fabrics.



The Heirloom Books are case-bound books printed on a four-color digital press. If you want to make a present, or just to collect a lot of your wedding photographs in a lighter and more flexible package, these non-lay-flat books – with their exquisitely thin pages – are specially thought to showcase individual images on each page. This permits each image to stand alone as a work of art and leaves the viewer the possibility to enjoy any photographs without distraction. There is no option of using images across two facing pages on this specific product, as some portion of it will be lost in the middle. Like the previous ones, this book will come with is coupled box.

At Least Three Reasons You Should Print Your Photographs

You’re building your family legacy

As much as I love going through my parents’ and grandparents’ photographs, my kids love to take out from the shelter all our albums and spend time looking at who we were, maybe trying to help themselves discovering who they will become. On paper your tact is involved in the process: it’s a totally different way to feel it. It’s why we call emotions feelings.

Italian Wedding fine art album first reason

Technology is always changing

In twenty-five years, we went through floppy disks, CDs, USB pens… now we’re all on cloud storage. What’s next? What I know is that a lot of companies are now in the business of recovering material from old and no longer supported (or broken) storage media. In the same twenty-five years, paper is still paper, and a good old piece of paper is now a priceless memory.

Italian Wedding fine art album second reason

Your wedding is a story to tell

Going through a gallery that contains hundreds – sometimes thousands in my case – of photos can make you feel a bit lost. You can’t see the story into so many images. Selecting 80/100 of your favorites will help you in focusing on what really matters to you. Putting them together in a unique piece of art will represent the essence of your day, and will help you relieve the same emotions in the years to come.

Italian Wedding fine art album third reason