Eloping in Tuscany


Emily + John | Eloping in Tuscany at its finest!


It’s always an incredible privilege to capture intimate elopements like this one I wanna show you below. These two are Emily and John, who decided to tie the knot eloping in one of the most stunning regions of Tuscany. The couple chose to exchange their vows at the breathtaking Borgo San Felice. This venue exudes charm and elegance with its ancient houses and alleys that make this little Italian “Borgo” so unique, not to mention the picturesque surroundings. If eloping in Tuscany is your dream, this could be a top choice to make it even more dreamy! A beautiful venue, lost in the Tuscan vineyards, where you might celebrate an intimate elopement like this as well as a huge wedding, reserving the entire “Borgo” just for you and your guests.

When you arrive at Borgo San Felice, you can’t help but be struck by the beauty of the location. The characteristic rolling hills covered in vineyards, in a shining green that’s typical for this time of the year, and the cypress trees lining the pathways, lightened by warm sunlight filtering through the clouds, work as an outstanding surrounding for this ancient Tuscan village, carefully remodeled and converted in an exclusive luxury venue, that smell of tradition, but with a modern twist. All of this created the perfect backdrop for Emily and John’s elopement in Tuscany.

The ceremony took place in front of the antique all-white chapel, with only their closest family members in attendance. The love and emotion between the couple were palpable, with many tears running down all faces, and I did my best to capture every heartfelt moment as they exchanged their vows and rings. After the ceremony, we took a stroll through the town, exploring the charming streets and the beauty of the surrounding landscape. The gentle rains that began to fall only added some very unique moments to the romantic atmosphere, creating a sense of intimacy and closeness between these two. I’d also love to have a picture of myself – on the other side of the camera – quite wet while shooting them under the umbrella! Not as nice as them, AH!  As the evening approached, the rain cleared, leaving behind a stunning sunset that painted the sky in bright orange and gold. I knew this moment would be one of the day’s highlights, with the sunset framing Emily and John in a soft, ethereal light.

The day was definitely incredible, filled with passion, laughter, and unforgettable moments that I was honored to be a part of. There’s no doubt that eloping in Tuscany is a truly magical way to celebrate a union, and I’m sure they’ll be cherishing the memories of this day for years to come (hopefully, my photographs will help!) 🙂 

Love, Fra

Photographer: ME! – Venue:  Borgo San Felice –  Flowers and decors: Dario Benvenuti– Celebrant: Jo Bertolino of Tuscan Pledges





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