Amalfi Coast Wedding Photographer – Ravello


Rosie and Mike | A Delightful Wedding at Villa Eva


Hello, readers; it has been a while since I last shared my wedding adventures with you on this blog.

Today, I am excited to showcase my favorite wedding from the 2022 season, which took place in the picturesque Amalfi Coast – a place where each corner whispers tales of ancient beauty. Nestled amidst this Italian paradise is Ravello, a gem oozing with timeless charm. The cobblestone streets and cliff-perched villas of this small town set the stage for unforgettable celebrations – a bit like this one I had the privilege to capture and that I’m gonna show you! From getting ready to the last dances, the whole event took place in Villa Eva, a splendid Italian villa at the top of the town of Ravello, built in the late Liberty style. Think of it as this serene haven, poised between an endless view of the Mediterranean Sea and the sky. It was here that Rosie and Mike’s dreamy wedding unfolded – a charmed spectacle amidst the Dolce Vita lifestyle that defines Italy’s allure. This dreamlike setting beckons couples dreaming of an enchanting destination wedding in Italy. June on the Amalfi Coast paints the perfect picture: extra long days kissed by the sun reflected on the sea, and nights embraced by a gentle Mediterranean breeze. It’s a scene tailor-made for romance and unforgettable moments. So I can’t thank my dear Kelly enough, the wizard behind the scenes (AKA the wedding planner), for giving me the opportunity to photograph this Italian-Chic extravaganza – a perfect blend of sophistication and relaxed charm – embodying the Amalfi Coast way of life. It’s an art, creating an ambiance that feels stylish and effortless. Behind my lens, in the past years, I stopped being worried about creating “just” photographs, and I’m now more focused on creating connections and extending my senses not just to capture moments but to curate emotions. All the efforts are an attempt to etch a piece of the couple’s essence into their story, adapting my point of view to bring out their style.
In this sense, choosing to celebrate a destination wedding isn’t just about finding the perfect setting; it’s also about discovering a photographer who resonates with your story. Understanding your photographer as a person is as vital as valuing their work. It’s about building that connection. And if you’re choosing a local photographer you get the bonus of someone who knows the area inside out – they understand the culture, know the best photo spots and best light, have special access and a local net, speak the local language, and respect regional traditions, making your photo experience smooth and full of local charm (I’d love to speak about this matter in a dedicated post, bringing this blog to new life. Curious?)
Anyway, following, you’ll find an extra-huge selection of my favorite photographs from this fabulous wedding, with some bite of text here and there to describe the event. Let me know in the comments if you liked it or not! :-)Cheers,

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