Surprise Wedding Proposal in Tuscany – Italy

C+J |  Sunset Wedding Proposal at Tenuta di Sticciano


Hello folks, here we are again with a new story on my blog. This time, I’m bringing you to the Tuscan Countryside; we are at the beginning of June, at the moment the sun begins its descent, casting a golden hue upon the most famous rolling hills. That’s precisely the idyllic scenario to make your surprise wedding proposal in Tuscany turn out at its best!

So, imagine a beautiful afternoon in Tuscany; the air is full of romance and magic. J. and C. are deeply in love and have come here for a unique vacation. We started shooting one hour before sunset, as this was a normal sunset couple’s photo session. Little did C. know that this journey would hold a surprise beyond her wildest imagination. A surprise wedding proposal in Tuscany countryside… What? As they walk through the vineyards and olive tree fields of the Tenuta di Sticciano, I stand back with my camera, ready to capture every moment as it unfolds. There was an air of anticipation and excitement that hung in the air. At the end of the photo shoot, I pretended to leave them alone while a picnic – meticulously arranged beneath an olive tree adorned with twinkling lights – awaited them. It was a scene that belonged in a fairytale, a perfect tableau against the backdrop of one of the most beautiful sunsets Tuscany had to offer. As I snapped away, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of awe, witnessing this intimate moment amidst such breathtaking surroundings. As the sun painted the sky with vibrant strokes of orange and purple, J.‘s hands trembled slightly as the moment had arrived. And with the setting sun casting its golden glow upon them, he dropped to one knee, a radiant smile on his face. The love in his eyes spoke volumes as he asked C. to spend the rest of her life with him. Time seemed to stand still, the world holding its breath as C. processed the magnitude of this moment. And in that timeless instant, her eyes filled with tears of joy and excitement. Hiding behind a wall, I immortalized these precious moments with each camera click, capturing candid glances, shared laughter, and stolen kisses. It was a mosaic of emotions, a moment where time seemed to stand still, allowing J. and C. to bask in the warmth of their love. 

As a photographer, it’s my most incredible privilege to participate in such exquisite experiences. To witness and capture love in its purest form, preserving the emotions and memories for eternity. Through my lens, I strive to create an editorial aesthetic. But it’s not just about this. I put all my efforts into merging this magazine vibe I do love with your honest, candid, and untouched feelings. Genuine emotions captured at my best. A collection of images that tell a story while igniting the imagination and evoking sentiments. 

This candid sunset wedding proposal in the Tuscany countryside was a testament to the power of love and the beauty of the world around us. If you’re seeking an experience that transcends the ordinary – a moment frozen in time that you can re-live and share with generations to come – allow me to be your storyteller, and ask for my help to make it UNIQUE, tailoring it to your real dreams. Let me capture the essence of your love, the beauty of your journey, and the magic that awaits you. Together, we can create an extraordinary chapter in your love story filled with romance, timelessness, and an exquisite experience that will forever be cherished.


[EDIT: this ” Surprise Wedding Proposal in Tuscany” gallery was way longer, and there were plenty of photos that could show endless joy, intimacy, and timeless love. The intent was to show you how asking for my help in arranging everything – from the time of the shooting to the venue, not to mention the picnic spot! – can drive us to a level of connection and complicity that permits me to carve my style and tailor my approach to your unique relationship, making the whole shooting process effortless and fun at the same time.  Unfortunately, C. and J. asked me to remove the greatest part of those photos, even if – from my PoV – there was nothing wrong with them. These photographs I’ve been asked to remove – which I feel are those that highlight how my approach can make a huge difference in crafting a personal, one-of-a-kind work – only showed their pure love, tenderness, and candid emotions. Let’s say I’ll consider this as a huge compliment to my approach: in fact, it can show such an incredible level of intimacy in those eyesights that could be felt by clients as too private to be shown worldwide! 😉 Anyway, please look at other galleries on my blog or get in touch with me to ask for more wedding proposal galleries so that you can be sure I’m not just good at shooting arms, hands, or couples from behind or from far! 🙂  ]


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